Website supports improvement across social care

A website setup to support improvement across all care services in Scotland had almost half a million page views in the past year.

The Hub was launched by the Care Inspectorate in 2013 to support improvement in the social care and social work sectors - and the site’s popularity continues to grow.

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Review of care services for early learning and childcare

The number of children experiencing early learning and childcare in Scotland has increased to more than 290,000.

A report by the Care Inspectorate, published today, showed the number of children accessing early learning and childcare increased from 254,770 in 2014 to 291,460 in 2016.

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Compassionate care and behaviour change

The Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre (SISCC) are undertaking research aimed at health and social care practitioners to understand how to help change behaviour through taking part in a MOOC (massive open online course).

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Blog: Food Matters is a new resource to help children eat well and enjoy good food every day

By Lois Anderson, Registration Inspector and Improvement Adviser

Last week we launched our latest resource Food Matters: nurturing happy, healthy children. This explores good practice examples from across the early learning and childcare (ELC) sector in Scotland that support children to have positive eating experiences and enjoy well-balanced nutritious food.

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Duty of Candour workshops

The SSSC have developed a Duty of Candour Training Pack in partnership NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and Scottish Government. The pack is for experienced trainers across health and social care organisations.

They are inviting trainers and facilitators to evaluate the training pack and provide feedback at these workshops.

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