Blog: Achieving high quality care

By Karen Reid, Chief Executive.

Karen Reid June 2017It is important to highlight the good work that is being done in care at home and housing support services across Scotland and I am pleased to support the inaugural Home Care Day and, in particular, to be initiating today with a focus on high quality care.

We all recognise how important it is to enhance lives and improve wellbeing for a wide range of people. It is also important that we can enable and support people to live well in their own homes and be part of their local community.

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Continuing care for young people

We have been supporting the Staying Put agenda since 2013 and our role as corporate parents under the Children and Young people (Scotland) Act 2014 includes supporting young people moving from care to adulthood and independence.

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Today’s announcement by Elli Finance (UK) Plc and Elli Investments Limited relating to Four Seasons Health Care

Commenting on today’s announcement by Elli Finance (UK) Plc and Elli Investments Limited relating to Four Seasons Health Care, Karen Reid Chief Executive, said:

“Residents, their families, and loved ones want to know that the long-term future of their care provider is sustainable and that it continues to provide good quality care. We hope this proposed restructuring helps secure both these things.

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Safety notice/alert

We are aware of a number of incidents where children have left early learning and childcare services without an authorised adult. As you will know, this presents a significant risk to children's safety and well-being. There can be changes to services that may contribute to the potential risk of children slipping out unseen. There may new children who are still settling in, changes to staffing and changes to premises following work undertaken during holiday periods etc. In order to take a proactive and preventative approach we are reminding providers of their responsibility to ensure that individuals are observant of the children in their care, are knowledgeable about possible risk factors and follow safe and effective procedures.

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Staff vacancies in care services 2016

More than a third of social care services across Scotland have reported unfilled staff vacancies in the past year, according to the Care Inspectorate, and almost half of those faced difficulty recruiting the right staff.

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