Skin Safety Event – 20 September 2018

3M would be delighted to invite you to their 3M Skin Safety Study Day on Thursday 20 September 2018, 10am – 3.30pm at Novotel Edinburgh Park, 15 Lochside Avenue, Edinburgh, EH12 9DJ. Further details of the programme can be found below. 

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New CCTV guidance for care service providers

We have published closed circuit television (CCTV) guidance, which sets out key considerations and our expectations.

The guidance takes account of the Health and Social Care Standards and the Data Protection Act 2018.

If you use, or are considering using, CCTV in your service, it is important that you read this guidance and follow it.

Please note that we do not require services to use CCTV, which is no substitute for effective staffing levels.

You can find the guidance here.


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Blog: New inspections for care homes for older people

By Gordon Paterson, Chief Inspector for Adult Services

The Scottish Government’s new health and social care standards were published in 2017, and set out what people should experience from care. They are really focused on supporting people’s power, control, human rights and wellbeing. At the Care Inspectorate, we have been committed to reflecting these in our inspections, but promised there would be no big bang approach to our implementation. We promised to consult and engage widely to ensure any changes are well understood and informed by a wide range of people, including from people experiencing care. This builds on the very extensive consultation during the development of the care standards themselves.

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Blog: Supporting self-evaluation in care homes for older people

By Kevin Mitchell, Executive Director of Scrutiny and Assurance

Inspections are vital to provide assurance and support improvement, but so is robust, evidence-based self-evaluation undertaken on a regular basis as part of wider quality assurance approach can be even more powerful in supporting continuous improvement.

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Systems restored

Following a major power cut this morning, we are pleased to confirm power has now been restored. Our telephones, email and internet are back online.  We apologise if you tried to contact us this morning and were unable to get through. 

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