Blog: We need to continue to challenge the expectations of what it means to live with dementia

By Heather Edwards, AHP Consultant, Improvement Support Team (Portfolio: Dementia, Frailty and Palliative and End of Life Care)
When I joined the Care Inspectorate in January 2013 one of the first conversations I had with colleagues was about building on the work of Remember I’m Still Me, a thematic piece of research on dementia in care homes published in 2009 by the Mental Welfare Commission and the then Care Commission.
Last week, the Care Inspectorate published the report My life, my care home (The experiences of people living with dementia in care homes in Scotland). It presents the findings of our focused inspection work examining the extent to which the Standards of Care for Dementia are having an impact on the lives of people living with dementia in care homes. This report builds on some of the work of Remember I’m Still Me and sets the scene for a range of improvements in the coming years.

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Developing a new Quality Indicator framework

What is the Care Inspectorate doing?

The Care Inspectorate is changing how we inspect regulated services. This will begin with care homes for older people, in April 2018, and will be followed by a phased approach for all other service types during 2018/2019. We are currently piloting a new Quality Indicator framework in 21 care homes for older people and will evaluate the findings in early January.

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Blog: Changing imaginations and realising potential in the Care About Physical Activity programme

By Edith Macintosh, Head of Improvement Support

I had a strong belief the Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) improvement programme would be successful and six months into it all the signs are that I am right.

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Skin examination and identifying pressure damage

NHS Fife have produced a Pressure Ulcer education video 'Top to Toe' for nursing and care staff which covers the key points of carrying out a skin assessment and identifying early pressure damage.

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Focus on dementia care

Improvements have been made in the quality of dementia care in Scotland, but more needs to be done, according to inspectors. 

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