Near Me Video calls

The Care Inspectorate now use video calls as one of the ways to engage with care providers, those who receive care and carers. This has now become a regular means of communication along with telephone call and site visits. All you need is a device for making video calls such as a smartphone or a tablet and an internet connection.

Near Me is the one of the platforms that we use.

Near Me handy guide

We have produced a handy guide for service providers using the Near Me video consulting tool. We have produced it as a PDF file so you can easily download it and share with colleagues. Download the guide here.

Participating in a Near Me call

We use Near Me for prearranged appointments. You may already have been sent a link but, if you know the correct waiting area for your meeting, you can also click on the appropriate link below. Please be aware you need to be using either a Google Chrome, Google Edge or Safari web browser.

Care Inspectorate 


Children and young people 

Complaints and registrations 

Early years and childcare 

Guidance on using Near Me (Added 11 May 2020)

Near Me is a secure form of video consulting approved for use by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland.

Visit the Near Me website and watch a demo on YouTube to find out how you can use it.

The NHS Attend Anywhere website tells all you need to know to set up including advice on browsers, bandwidth and more.

Technology Enabled Care’s website has lots of useful information including guidance on gaining consent  to use Near Me and implementation guidance including for care homes, and for police custody, which may be useful for secure units.

Further guidance is also available for implementing Near Me on the TEC covid 19 implementation site here.

New report tells how Near Me worked in lockdown (Added 17 July 2020)

During the pandemic, we scaled up our use of Near Me video consulting to stay in touch with services. In partnership with Technology Enabled Care (TEC) we have been monitoring how this has been working for users. Our new, short report Near Me and Care Homes gives insight into services’ experiences of it including what worked well and what challenges they met.