Blog: Our new improvement strategy helps us to realise world-class care for everyone

By Heather Edwards, Interim Head of Improvement Support

The Care Inspectorate is in a unique position in that we provide scrutiny and assurance and we have a formal responsibility for furthering improvements in the quality of care people experience. Our scrutiny work drives continuous improvement and acts as a diagnostic tool on which we can plan our improvement support activity which is integral to the Care Inspectorate’s core purpose and a key function.

Our first Improvement Strategy 2017-2019 set out our crucial role in supporting improvement as well as checking that these changes have a positive impact on outcomes for people. This strategy went beyond the traditional way of setting targets, recommendations or requirements and brings a systematic approach to realising improvement in the quality of care.

We are now building on the work from that strategy as we continue to embed the Health and Social Care Standards and the dynamic process of self-evaluation that leads to a culture of continuous improvement. So, I am delighted to introduce the refreshed Improvement Strategy 2019-2022, which supports our new Corporate Plan 2019-2022 and contributes to realising our vision and common purpose of world-class care for everyone in Scotland.

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The Care Inspectorate Statistical Summary Report for Quarter 2 of 2019/20

The Care Inspectorate Statistical Summary Report for Quarter 2 of 2019/20 has now been released.  This presents data on the number of registered care services, new registrations and cancellations, complaints about care services and quality theme grades all by care service type and or service sector.  This is updated on a quarterly basis.

All content is available under the Open Government License, unless otherwise stated. More information on this license is available here

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Dementia Toolkit

The British Deaf Association (BDA) have developed a new toolkit for people and their carers who are deaf and living with dementia. This is an exciting new toolkit which should help make life easier for people who face these challenges.

Follow the link for more information

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Living Well: An Expert Seminar on Social Care for People Living with HIV

Invitation to Living Well: Expert Seminar on Social Care.

The Living Well project is designed to bring together key partners, stakeholders and people living with HIV to discuss key issues facing older people living with HIV, and design creative solutions to meet the needs of people as they age with HIV, to ensure they live and age well.

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Scotland Courses - Dysphagia Diets for IDDSI

Oak House Kitchen practical courses bring you all the knowledge and skills to transform the foods you make in your kitchen. With over 20 years working in the healthcare catering sector, we have the experience you need to make a difference.

The dysphagia course will show you how to approach ingredients and dishes in a simple, systematic way so you can make meals that fit the IDDSI Framework. 

For more information download the flyer here

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