Cornerstone - Growing Together  

Cornerstone has come up with lots of ideas and activities to keep the people they support from home connected and busy during lockdown.    

From learning a new sign each week using Makaton to online karaoke and bake-off competitions, there’s something for everyone.  The charity, which provides support to children, young people and adults with disabilities and other support needs, is also finding ways to make sure that people can stay relaxed and feel safe in their homes during this difficult time.

  Sharon Irvine said: “We have kick started our activities with a spring art competition and the chance of winning a £10 Amazon voucher! There will be more mini events after the success of our Easter Egg decorating competition which a lot of people we support had a good and creative time decorating their eggs.  We have also sent out an exercise video made by the people who do these at our day activity group.”   

This week’s ‘Marshmallow Challenge’ sounds a bit tricky!  Participants must build the tallest, free-standing structure they can using only spaghetti, tape and string and try to balance a marshmallow on top.    
Visit their facebook pageto see what else they are up to.     

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Community pulls out all the stops for Marion’s 80th birthday

Marion Moore, from Hector House in Shawlands, Glasgow celebrated her 80th birthday in style last week, as the local community chipped in to make it a day to remember.

Staff posted a message on Facebook asking people in the community to help make it a special day. The post got over 1000 shares with lots of people coming forward to offer their time, crafts and provide cakes.

On the day, the garden was decorated with banners made by nursery children, and lots of balloons and streamers. People sent in cakes. There were even musical performances too!

The celebrations went on all day with various well-wishers and musicians dropping by to entertain Marion and the other residents.

Manager, Angela Todd said: “Even for all the residents, not just Marion, it cheered them right up to see the celebrations”.

“Marion has been so overwhelmed. She doesn't have a lot of family and usually gets a few cards so to have all this is unbelievable."

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The Care Inspectorate Statistical Summary Report for Quarter 4 of 2019/20

The Care Inspectorate Statistical Summary Report for Quarter 4 of 2019/20 has now been released.  This presents data on the number of registered care services, new registrations and cancellations, complaints about care services and quality theme grades all by care service type and or service sector.  This is updated on a quarterly basis.

You can access the report here. 

All content is available under the Open Government License, unless otherwise stated. More information on this license is available here.

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Stay at home super heroes!

We heard a couple of great stories from Lauren at Torridon Education Group about how they’re staying connected with their children during the lockdown.

Lauren said: “We found a fantastic story by Sophie’s Story called “The Stay at Home Super Heroes.” We thought this would help children understand why the world is changing and why they need to stay at home!”

The group has a Therapet dog called Alba who visits the nurseries each week and the children just love her. They read to her, help care for her and she has helped some children conquer their fear of dogs.

Laura went on: “Because the children love Alba, we thought who better to tell them the story?”

Listen to Alba telling the story

Lots of their parents had also told staff that the children were feeling sad about not seeing their teachers. As well as sharing activities and resources online to keep their children’s little minds amused and active, they are phoning their parents weekly to just check in and see how everyone’s doing.

Watch the video they made for their families, also starring Alba, which the children have absolutely loved.

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Getting ready for Near Me video consultation

Our improvement support team is calling all care homes to help them use the Near Me video consultation tool. Our inspectors have been trained in its use and will be able to use it for consultations with services.

Find out more here. 

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