New cohort of online course in Compassionate Care

The University of Dundee and Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre have arranged a free online course on Compassionate Care.

Compassion in health and social care has been brought to the fore in recent years by high-profile public inquiries and has become a priority for care-providing organisations around the world.

This course will give you the practical tools and insights that you can use to enhance compassionate health and social care. If you, or your team, would like to enrol in this exciting 3 week course launching in September 2019, please follow the link here.

See the attached flyer for more information.

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Technology Enabled Care: Tests of Change 2019/20

Technology Enabled Care inviting applicants to participate in their 2019/20 Tests of Change initiative. 

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Complaints about care services in Scotland 2015/16 – 2018/19

Complaints about care in Scotland have risen in the past four years, according to the Care Inspectorate.

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Care Inspectorate Quarterly Statistical Summary Report - Quarter 1 2019/20

The Care Inspectorate Statistical Summary Report for Quarter 1 of 2019/20 has now been released.  This presents data on the number of registered care services, new registrations and cancellations, complaints about care services and quality theme grades all by care service type and or service sector.  This is updated on a quarterly basis.”

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New children’s hydration campaign launched

The Scottish Urinary Tract Infection Network (SUTIN+), which is part of Health Protection Scotland’s Community Health Protection Programme, has launched a children’s hydration campaign – Think2DrinkH20 - which aims to highlight the importance of good hydration for children and young people.

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