Blog by our chief nurse - Marie McKerry

Blog by Marie McKerry 

Marie McKerry

I’ve worked in social care settings, and the regulation of social care, for more than 20 years. Consequently, I’m beyond delighted to be recently appointed to the post of Chief Nurse at the Care Inspectorate.

The post was created in 2021, at a time of sharp focus on the added value of health and social care agencies working collaboratively and closely to improve outcomes for the people of Scotland.

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Joint Inspection of adult support and protection measures in West Lothian

The joint inspection of adult support and protection in West Lothian has found some strengths and a number of areas for improvement across adult support and protection key processes.

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Dementia community of practice for Covid-19 and beyond

By Gareth Hammond, Service Manager

At the onset of the pandemic, it became clear the focus of care and support was shifting to one of risk mitigation, underpinned by clinical outcomes based on a medical model of delivery. Decisions were taken to keep people safe, and rightly so. However, isolation now became the norm for many people.

As I have worked in social care for most of my career, from care assistant to dementia specialist nurse before joining the Care Inspectorate, I was acutely aware that what was happening across the sector could compromise outcomes for people living with dementia.

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Vegetarian for Life (VfL) information sheet

Vegetarian for Life (VfL), the UK care charity supporting older vegans & vegetarians, has released an easy-to-follow information sheet with suggestions to help make vegan or vegetarian residents feel included in your meal planning.

You can access it here.

You’ll find hundreds more recipes on VfL's website, along with many other useful publications, from Veganising classic dishes, through to Nutrition. You can also sign up for further training, or even funding. 

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A co-ordinated approach to shared inspection for ELC

We have been working with Education Scotland on a coordinated approach to shared inspection activity in early learning and childcare settings providing funded ELC. Before beginning the programme of inspections for 2022/23, we have written a letter for services to clarify what each inspection focuses on and the shared inspection process: for the Care Inspectorate, the focus is quality of care and learning; for Education Scotland it is quality of education.

Our letter to providers is available here.

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