Transforming children’s experiences of the justice system

New test sites for ‘Bairns’ Hoose’ to be set up. 

The Scottish Government has announced that children and young people in the justice system will soon be able to benefit from coordinated, comprehensive support under one roof thanks to a £6 million investment in setting up Bairns' Hoose test sites.

A key action from The Promise, the creation of Bairns’ Hoose test sites will ensure a range of trauma-informed support is available to child victims and witnesses, aiming to improve their experience of the justice system and reduce stress when recounting their experiences.

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New guidance on how we regulate and inspect registered care services

We have published new guidance on how we regulate and inspect registered care services.  It explains our approach, how we use our quality frameworks and gather evidence and how we evaluate the quality of individual care services.  It also explains what happens before, during and after our inspections. 

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A joint inspection of services for children and young people at risk of harm in the Scottish Borders partnership

A joint inspection of services in the Scottish Borders partnership has found key strengths that are having a significant and positive impact on the lives of children and young people. Inspectors also noted some areas which could further improve.

The report notes that children, young people and families benefited from supportive and trusting relationships with staff across services.

The recognition of - and initial response to - risks and concerns to children was identified as a strength. Staff took timely and appropriate action to keep children safe.

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A guide to the Health and Care (Staffing)(Scotland) Act 2019: Guidance chapter webinars

The Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019 will come into force on 1 April 2024.  Guidance is being developed to support health and care staff as they deliver the new act. 

Four webinars, taking place in June, will provide a high-level overview of the guidance chapters.  They will also support understanding of the duties associated with the legislation.  The webinars are a joint collaboration between: 

  • Healthcare Improvement Scotland 

  • The Care Inspectorate 

  • Scottish Government. 

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Meaningful connection literature review

The Anne's Law project team has published a literature review

The project aims to uphold the rights of people who live in adult and older people’s care homes, with a particular focus on promoting meaningful social connection and community involvement.  To enable the project to provide evidence-based guidance and support, a review of published literature on the subject of meaningful social connection for people who live in care homes was completed.  It was envisaged this would enable a greater breadth and depth of understanding of issues relevant to the project and provide a clear narrative for future work.

This review provides an in-depth narrative on the effects of social isolation and the importance of connection for people living in care homes and discusses the key themes emerging.

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