Testing of staff – letter from the Scottish Government

The Scottish Government’s Interim Deputy Director for Health Performance and Delivery has issued a letter to all care home manages and chief executives about the testing of staff working in care homes.

You can read a copy of the letter here.

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The Care Inspectorate’s role, purpose and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Care Inspectorate has today published a report on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report is part of the Care Inspectorate’s submission to the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee. The committee is looking into the work of the Care Inspectorate in relation to adult social care as well as its role during, and response to, the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Care Inspectorate statement on Home Farm care home, Skye

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said:  "The Care Inspectorate initiated court proceedings seeking the cancellation of the registration of the care provider at Home Farm care home in May.

"We did this following an inspection which raised serious concerns.

"We have monitored the home carefully and we are satisfied that there has been considerable improvement in the quality of care experienced by residents and the issues that were putting them at serious risk have been addressed.

"In light of this we have decided to no longer pursue the cancellation of the service's registration through the courts."

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Care Inspectorate report to the Scottish Parliament on inspections

The Care Inspectorate has laid before the Scottish Parliament a report of inspections it has carried out in care services in the past two weeks.

This report covers inspections completed since the previous report submitted to Parliament on 5 August.

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Extension of Influenza (flu) vaccination programme to include social care staff

The Care Inspectorate, Scottish Care, the Coalition of Care and support Providers in Scotland and the Scottish Social Service Council have issued a joint statement in support of the Scottish Government's decision to extend health board free flu vaccine programmes to include certain social care staff. 

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