Blog: Meet our Chief Nurse

As part of International Nurses Day today, we would like to introduce you to our Chief Nurse, Jane Douglas.

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Safe Staffing Project – May Update

Consultation and collaboration have been key pieces of work for the Safe Staffing Team.

We have engaged with a range of stakeholders over the last couple of months and have carried out a number of consultation events such as internal and external webinars, a focus group and a sector survey. The purpose of these consultations was to provide interactive opportunities to develop understanding of the Health and Care (Staffing) Scotland Act 2019, project aims and potential ways to measure success in terms of safe staffing, while gaining views and insight into safe and effective staffing from a variety of perspectives.

Participants included:

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Care Inspectorate report on inspections, 28 April 2021

The Care Inspectorate has published a report of inspections carried out in care services in the past two weeks.

This report covers inspections we have completed since those detailed in our previous report of 14 April.

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The Care Inspectorate Statistical Summary Report for Quarter 4 of 2020/21

The Care Inspectorate Statistical Summary Report for Quarter 4 of 2020/21 has now been released. You can access this here. 

This presents data on the number of registered care services, new registrations and cancellations, complaints about care services and quality theme grades all by care service type and or service sector. This is updated on a quarterly basis.

All content is available under the Open Government License, unless otherwise stated. More information on this license is available here.

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Applying for change of details on the digital portal

On 23 March we launched our new digital portal for registered care services.  A key aspect of theportalwas changing the method of applying to request a change to the details of the provideror service.  This was previously undertaken within our eForms system. 

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