We are developing care surveys that reflect the Health and Social Care Standards. These will replace the old care standards questionnaires and link to our quality frameworks for care services.

We want to include the views of people who experience care, as well as their relatives, friends and carers in our scrutiny and improvement work and these will surveys help us do that.

They have a stronger emphasis on hearing about people’s experiences and outcomes and we hope this will enable more people to tell us about their care.

Care homes for adults and older people: care survey for residents

We want people to be able to engage much more meaningfully with our inspections in care homes for older people, in the way that suits them best. We designed this survey to support this in a flexible way. People can choose to do as much of the survey as they are able to. Some people may wish to focus on the first page with images that describe how they feel, and others may be happy to complete the whole survey.

We offer two ways to complete our care surveys:

  1. Complete the form that will be issued to the service and return this in the freepost envelope provided.
  2. Complete the survey online.

We have also produced sets of sentiment and response cards to support people to complete the survey. The images on the sentiment cards mirror the first section and the response cards help people to be clearer in their answers to the questions in the survey.

How services will receive batch surveys

We will send a batch of care surveys and freepost envelopes, along with a set of sentiment and response cards, to your service.

You can also download a copy of the survey below. Please make sure you quote the services registration number (CS number) and name of service on the front page of the document so we can send this to the correct inspector. The CS number will be on the services registration certificate which is displayed in the service.

Once completed please return these to:

                Care Inspectorate
                Compass House
                11 Riverside Drive
                DD1 4NY

If you need the survey in an alternative format, such as a different language or easy read, please give us a call on 0345 600 9527 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online surveys 

Throughout the year, we will send electronic survey links directly to managers of care services. We ask that you send these links to the relevant key people within your service who use and support you to deliver care. We anticipate this will be an annual request. 

 There are four different electronic surveys:

  • People who experience care
  • Service staff
  • Relatives and carers
  • and, where appropriate, external professionals such as district nurses and G.P.s

We appreciate some people, especially those experiencing care and some relatives and carers, may need support to provide their feedback and we appreciate any support you can provide to enable them to participate. Advocacy services in your local area may be able to support this. 

Please email these survey links to the appropriate groups of people. If your staff are supporting people to complete the surveys, then please give them the most appropriate link for the person giving the feedback.