Cornavirus COVID-19: Registration and variations to registration ( updated 20 March)

We intend to be flexible around our registration practice where we may have to register different facilities as time goes on. We will prioritise our registration work to support the national response and the sustainability of services.

Existing providers can make arrangements to deliver temporary care services by applying for a variation to their existing service.    This allows the temporary care service to be added as a time-limited condition to the existing service.  Please see the contingency guidance below for more details on this.

  • registered services that are in premises already registered


  • temporary new services set up as an emergency response and provided in a place that members of the public normally visit with a reasonable expectation of being safe, for example, a church, church hall, faith group premises, school, school hall, community centre, library, town hall, restaurant, or other licensed premises

We will issue without a registration or variation visit or payment of a fee, a registration certificate with conditions for a period of up to six months provided:

  • the provider has completed an application form with information about the service to be provided, including staffing and premises safety
  • there are no concerns in relation to the provider or staff group
  • the provider/applicant confirms in writing any further information we require.

We will give all such applications immediate priority. 

Care Inspectorate Registration Contingency Plan



Our national registration team can help you with any changes you want to make to your registration.  Once a variation will be in touch with providers as soon as possible after a variation is submitted, but this can take a number of weeks. Providers are asked to submit proposed variations well ahead of time.

Guidance for childminders on applying to increase capacity in childminding settings

Inactive services

We have implemented a revised policy on ‘Inactive Care Services’.

Services registered with the Care Inspectorate must operate within the legal framework laid out within the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, (the “Act”).  The Care Inspectorate has adopted a policy where any service can make an application to stop operating for up to 12 months, without having to cancel their registration.  Where such an application is granted, a service will be referred to as ‘inactive’.

Reasons for a service to be treated as inactive would be limited to:

  • refurbishment of premises
  • no service users but service actively seeking clients
  • provider has caring responsibilities for a limited period of time
  • provider maternity leave
  • provider health issues.

There may be, on occasion, other exceptional circumstances, which we may consider on an individual basis.

Read more about this policy and how to apply to become inactive here.

Cancel a service

Any registered service can voluntarily apply to cancel their registration.

If you are a care service, and want to cancel your registration, you must complete our application to cancel a care service form before we can progress with your cancellation.  You can submit your request using through eForms.

Cancelled services

We have an obligation to publish a list of all care services that have been previously registered and that are now cancelled.

You will be able to check here for a list of all cancelled services.  This is updated monthly to reflect any new cancellations.

Cancelled Services May 2020 (xlsx document)

If you require any further information about these services please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact 0345 600 9527.