Register a care service (organisation)

Care services, by law, must register with the Care Inspectorate.

Please click here to download a copy of the application form.

You will also need:

Applicants must print, complete and sign on the declaration page before returning the application by post to the address below:

Care Inspectorate
Mountainhall Treatment Centre
Bankend Road

Alternatively, paper copies are available to be posted to you by calling our Contact Centre on 0345 600 9527. 

You should read:

What to expect from the registration process

Our national registration team will deal with your application, and will check

  • the information you give us in the application form is correct
  • the correct fee is paid
  • whether the provider and manager of the proposed service is fit to provide/manage a care service
  • if the premises where the service is to be provided is fit to be used for that purpose
  • that the proposed service will make all the proper provisions for the health, welfare, independence, choice, privacy and dignity of everyone using the service.

We may also check the financial viability of the service.  Any information we ask for during this process is in accordance with the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.

Our Fees

Every service must pay a registration fee before an application can be processed.  An annual continuation fee is also applied every year that you are registered.  The fee is to cover all the necessary work for registering a new service. This does not guarantee registration and is non-refundable.

Download our fees leaflet

Fire Safety Information

You should also complete the following documents and return them to relevant organisation.  

  • Fire Safety Checklist - This should be completed and sent your local fire authority
  • Fire safety Checklist Confirmation - This acts as your confirmation to us that you have sent the checklist to the local fire authority.  This should be completed and sent with your application form. 

Successful Registration

If your registration is successful, we will send you a certificate of registration, (electronically), detailing the conditions of registration.  You should print the certificate and display it so that anyone who uses your service can read it.  The conditions of registration are also available on our care service list.

You will also receive a list of records that you must keep and a list of notifications that you must make to the Care Inspectorate. 

Decisions on an application to register a service

Following an application for registration, under Section 59(1) of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 ("the Act"), the Care Inspectorate can in terms of s 60(1);

  • grant the application unconditionally, s60(1)
  • grant the application subject to conditions, s60(2)
  • refuse the application, s60(1)

If we propose to refuse your registration, or to grant registration subject to conditions, which have not been agreed in writing, we must give notice of our proposal to do so. Such notice, where sent by post, is deemed (by section 101 of the Act) to be received on the third day after the day after it was posted.  You must make any representations that concern any matter you wish to dispute within 14 days.  These must be made in writing.  The notice of proposal will state where these must be addressed to.

We might not implement the proposal until one of the following has taken place: 

  • representations have been received 
  • we have been notified in writing that no representations will be made
  • the 14 day period allowed for the making representations has expired without any written correspondence.

Whether or not we receive representations, we may either decide to implement the proposal, or not to do so.  If we decide to implement a proposal to refuse registration, or to grant registration subject to conditions, which have not been agreed in writing, there is a right of appeal to the sheriff.  This right is set out at section 75 of the Act.  Any such appeal must be made within 14 days of the decision (or deemed receipt of it).


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