Our commitment to The Promise 

Delivering on The Promise by 2030 is an important part of what we do.

The Promise is the work of change that intends to make Scotland’s care system one that is more caring and united.

It outlines the belief that, to do this, children’s services across Scotland need to transform. Also, that process of transformation must keep the views and voice of children and young people at its core.

As we outline in our corporate plan, we want babies, children and young people, and their families, with experience of care to

  • experience high quality compassionate care and support  
  • have improved outcomes (from the services which support them)
  • feel that their rights have been respected and realised.

The work on The Promise aligns with our current and future organisational activity to regulate in support of babies, children and young people with care experience.

We will stand up for them, uphold their rights, involve and support them - and their families. Our existing work in the areas of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and corporate parenting is mutual and complementary to this.

In applying national best practice and upholding the Health and Social Care standards as we do - we are keeping the Promise.

We have signed the national trauma leadership pledge and showed our commitment by appointing four senior leaders as internal Trauma Champions. Here is what our Trauma Champions said.


We are working to fulfil our commitments to Promise Change Programme ONE. 

This is the document which outlines what is happening now, what is happening next and what needs to happen.

This programme of work follows on from Plan 21-24, which mapped and sequenced all of the calls to action from the Independent Care Review’s conclusions, identifying five priority actions.

It also assesses whether what is happening is good and fast enough to #KeepThePromise.

It outlines who and what needs to work together to drive towards the changes needed in Plan 21-24.

We are a key partner in several areas of this detailed programme.

Our work with partners

The Promise has recommended transformative change to how care and support for children and young people is commissioned and provided.  It also recommended improvements in how we regulate and inspect our current system. 

It is one of the big drivers of change for us. 

We will align our scrutiny practice across service level regulation, strategic inspection and quality improvement, so that we focus more on making a difference to children’s lived experience.   

This work involves creating a common understanding, value base and approach across scrutiny and regulation in Scotland. 

We will work collaboratively with other external regulators and scrutiny bodies to: 

  • improve support for care experienced children and young people   
  • lower barriers to employment caused by bureaucratic and rules-based approaches to regulation
  • counter discrimination.

For more information, contact:

Henry Mathias

Head of Professional Standards and Practice

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