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Using our 'Registered by the Care Inspectorate' widget

Services can show people visiting their website that they are Care Inspectorate registered with our widget.

The widget is a logo that can be displayed on any website.  Every service has its own unique coding behind the widget, linked directly to its service information on our website.

So, if you are a care service and you want to show your website visitors that you are registered with us, ask your website administrator to download the widget for free and display it on your website.

Find out how you can use the widget on your website here.

Using our standard logo

We don’t allow services to use our standard Care Inspectorate logo as it represents our own brand identity, signifying us and our own work. 

Using the Care Inspectorate logo on any document or in association with any information signifies that the document or information has been prepared or approved by the Care Inspectorate.

Using the Care Inspectorate logo without our permission infringes our copyright.

Our logo is used only on materials generated by the Care Inspectorate or where we have worked in partnership with another organisation.

If you want to use our logo you must ask our permission.

You can call 01382 207151 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Equality and diversity

At the Care Inspectorate, we believe that people in Scotland should experience a better quality of life as a result of accessible, excellent services that are designed and delivered to reflect their individual needs and promote their rights.  We are committed to advancing equality of opportunity, eliminating unlawful discrimination and fostering good relations between all protected characteristics.

Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

  • We ensure that the voice of people who experience care is reflected in all our work
  • We promote fairness, equality, diversity and inclusion in all that we do
  • We promote dignity and respect and human rights for all
  • We recognise and value individual differences and the contributions of all
  • We treat people fairly and according to their needs
  • We have a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation
  • We have a culture where everyone feels valued and included.

As an organisation, our work, has a focus on people’s rights, choices and individual outcomes, the things that matter most to people. We continue to strive to put equality and diversity at the heart of all we do and that’s why we made equality and diversity a key principle of our Corporate Plan.

Meeting our Equality Requirements

Like other public bodies in Scotland, we are required to meet the requirements of the General and Specific Public Sector Equality Duties, as set out by the Equality Act 2010 and the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012. We report on our equality obligations under the legislation every two years.  


In our dual role as a scrutiny and improvement body and a public sector employer, we are committed to meeting our legal obligations in all aspects of our work. We are covered by general and specific equality duties arising from the Equality Act (2010) which helps us to integrate equality into our day-to-day work. We report on our equality obligations under the legislation every two years. Here are our publications:

Our policies and strategic workforce plan 

We appreciate and value our workforce and have a range of family friendly and flexible working policies available. We are proud of the range of inclusive work practices we offer colleagues.

We offer equalities training to our workforce and this is built into our induction and includes our managers and leaders. We have a supportive and respectful organisational culture that values equality and diversity and promotes inclusion for our workforce. Our robust people management policies and processes ensure people are treated with dignity and respect in an environment where bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation are not tolerated.

Our staff networks 

We make time to listen to our colleagues and give them a voice to share their experiences, listen to their ideas and involve them in our work.

The Corporate Equality Group drives the delivery and progress of the actions from our Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report. The group meets on a quarterly basis and supports the mainstreaming of equality in relation to all the protected characteristics listed under the Equality Act (2010) and is sensitive and responsive to intersectional identities.

The LGBT Charter Champion Group is a sub-group of the Corporate Equality Group. The group also meets on a quarterly basis. You can email the group using this address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Faith Group is a self-organised group which mainly meets in our Edinburgh office. The group focuses on faith issues, faith in the workplace and encourages employees to get together as a community in a social setting. This provides an opportunity for connection and awareness raising.

LGBT Charter Champion Group 

We attend Pride events to increase visibility about LGBT issues and to be more proactive about being inclusive for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people as an organisation. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity, and to the LGBT community, has been recognised externally.

In 2018 we were awarded LGBT Youth Scotland’s Foundation Charter award and we are the first regulator in Scotland to receive this award. In July 2020 we were shortlisted for the Proud Scot Employer Award Large Business.

In 2020 we became a Stonewall Diversity Champion as we wanted to ensure that all LGBT staff are accepted without exception in the workplace. We developed resources to act as a visual reminder to care services about the importance of an individual’s sexuality, choice and rights, and links to the health and social care standards.

Click here to watch a short film ‘Return to the Closet?’ by Luminate Scotland. Older members of the LGBTQI+ community worked with artist Glenda Rome to create a film which illustrated their thoughts and feelings around ageing, being part of the community and what care means to them and the support they’d want from care providers – whether at home or in care homes. Luminate commissioned the film with support from LGBT Health and Wellbeing. Luminate’s Principal Supporters are Creative Scotland, The Baring Foundation and Age Scotland. LGBT Health and Wellbeing’s LGBT Age Community Action Project is funded by Comic Relief.

First Minister’s National Advisory Council on women and girls (NACWG)

We are a circle member of the First Minister’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls (NACWG). The NACWG was set up to advise the First Minister on what is needed to tackle gender inequality in Scotland and you can read their latest report here. We are now part of a group of supporters and advisors who help generate ideas and solutions that will inform NACWG’s work. 

Age Scotland 

We are working with Age Scotland to support our commitment to providing an age inclusive environment where staff feel valued, respected and able to reach their full potential at all ages and stages of their career.

Carer Positive Employer 

We are a Carer Positive Engaged Employer and are committed to supporting our colleagues who are carers. We have recently made changes to our Carers Policy which means we offer up to five days (35 hours) paid time off to support carers.

Equality impact assessments 

As a public body, we are required to assess the equality impact of applying policies, practices, systems, and processes. The purpose is to improve outcomes for those who may experience discrimination and disadvantage. This is often referred to as ‘Equality Impact Assessment’. Details of our completed Equality Impact Assessments can be found here.

Fair Work Framework 

The goal of the Fair Work Framework is to ensure that by 2025, people in Scotland will have a world-leading working life where fair work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and society. 

The Care Inspectorate can support this vision by ensuring the fair work values run through the organisation and embedding fair working practices into everything we do.  We are committed to building a Scotland which champions fair work practices and a diverse workforce.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 

Our work also supports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The Convention sets out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights that all children are entitled to. As a public body, we are required to publish a report on how our work supports the various articles of the UNCRC. 2020 is the first year we have been asked to report on the UNCRC. Our next report will be published in August 2023.

Contact us

If you would like to contact us, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us directly by using contactSCOTLAND-BSL

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Work with us

At the Care Inspectorate, our highly skilled workforce are responsible for providing assurance and protection for people who use services, their families and carers and the wider public as well as supporting delivery partners to improve the quality of care for people in Scotland.

We welcome job applications from a wide range of individuals irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.

We have a Guaranteed Job Interview Scheme for people with a disability who meet the minimum requirements for the job. Please feel free to contact us if you require us to adapt our recruitment process and make reasonable adjustments to allow you to apply to work with us. 

See our vacancies here.

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Supplier payments

We are committed to the ‘Confederation of British Industry Prompt Payment Code’ for the payment of bills for goods and services we receive.   It is our policy to make payments in accordance with the Scottish Government’s instructions on prompt payment and a target payment within 10 days. 

As part of our coronavirus Covid-19 response, we have temporarily closed our offices and are asking all suppliers to send us their invoices by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..    

Procurement has a significant role to play to achieve the Care Inspectorate’s objectives, and our seven key principles are reflected in our procurement strategy.

Our 2020-2023 Procurement Strategy:

  • sets out our priorities and proposals for procurement over the planning period

  • identifies those factors that will influence the way in which we manage the procurement process 

  • describes the arrangements for monitoring and evaluating the strategy.

We fully support the Scottish Business Pledge, sharing the Scottish Government’s ambition of boosting productivity, competitiveness, sustainable employment, and workforce engagement and development.

Public Contracts Scotland

Our contracts register for all competitively advertised contracts exceeding £50,000 is published on the Public Contracts Scotland portal. We publish high value tenders on the Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) advertising website.  We encourage businesses to register for free on this site. It will give you access to a large number of high and low value public authority contract opportunities across Scotland, including the Care Inspectorate.  You can also view our profile

We do not maintain an internal register of suppliers, or have an approved supplier list.

It covers lower value contract opportunities but also those above the Official Journal of European Union (OJEU) threshold which appear in the European Journal. 

Our conditions of contract

Our procurement practices - values and promotion of tenders

As a public sector organisation our procurement activity is guided by legislation and best practice, with the route being determined by the potential total value of the contract.

Supplier opportunities, guidance and support - useful websites

  • A national collaborative Framework Agreement for Supported Factories and Businesses has been established to provide products and services to the Scottish public sector. 

  • The Online Supplier Journey makes it easier for Scottish companies to bid for work in the public sector.

    • The website guides firms, large and small, through each step in the process – setting out what to expect from buyers and what is expected of them, simplifying guidance, making it easier to understand.  It is particularly useful for small businesses. 

    • The journey guides businesses through the process of applying for contracts, making the system more streamlined and easier to understand and has been developed with the help of Scottish companies who have already gone through the process. 

  • The Single Point of Enquiry is an independent, impartial and confidential service for suppliers to the public sector in Scotland.  The service offers advice on the procurement rules which must be followed by public bodies in Scotland and information on how contracts are advertised and awarded.   If you have concerns about a specific tender exercise, they can work with you and the buying organisation to try and resolve your concerns.  They do not have formal powers to investigate suppliers’ concerns or change decisions made by buying organisations. Feedback from suppliers contributes to improvements in public procurement practices in Scotland.

The Supplier Development Programme (SDP)

Scotland’s free tender training service for SME’s is a programme of tender training events.

The programme has been designed to ensure that SME’s can easily progress through the various different course levels with free events in or near their business location, plus many of the courses can be accessed online via webinar, reducing the time burden on small businesses being out of the office.

The programme includes a wealth of courses, including “hot topics” such as Community Benefits and Sustainable Procurement, as well as core issues such as finding contracts and completing ESPDs. So whether you are just starting out and wish to find out about how to work with the public sector or need to improve your tender skills, SDP will have a course for you. Please click on the following link to browse and book a course and get tender ready:

Supplier Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks (such as phishing, ransomware, hacking, etc.) are becoming an increasing threat to our economy and society. No internet-connected organisation, however large or small, is immune.

Cyber-attacks may be targeted at specific organisations or individuals, or untargeted, where attackers indiscriminately attack as many vulnerable machines or users connected to the internet as possible. These attacks are as real a risk to the small business that relies on a database of customers to distribute its goods as they are to multinational banking organisations.

 As part of the Scottish Public Sector Action Plan on Cyber Resilience Scotland’s public sector organisations are encouraged to adopt a common approach to supplier cyber security. Links to authoritative sources of advice and support can be found at the Scottish Government Cyber Resilience website.  

 Public sector organisations and their suppliers can now use the Scottish Cyber Assessment Service, which supports public sector organisations to identify cyber risks and ask suppliers consistent questions about protection against cyber threats. A new beta assessment tool for suppliers is available at Scottish Cyber Assessment Service.

The NCSC’s small business and charities guides can be found at National Cyber Security Centre - NCSC.GOV.UK

You can get a free digital health check and 1:1 support at Business Gateway's Digital Boost.

If you’re a Scottish SME, you can get a 0% interest, unsecured Digital Development Loan to help improve your cybersecurity.

Annual Procurement Report

Our progress towards achieving our strategic procurement priorities has been published in our CI Annual Procurement Report 2019-20. This report also provides information on our regulated procurement activity for 2019-20 and our planned procurement activity for the two year period 2020-22. 

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We are committed to consulting with all our stakeholders about our work.  We value your thoughts and welcome any comments that you have. 

If you want to contact us about any aspect of our work find out how you can get in touch.

We are not currently running any consultations.



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