Guidance on contingency planning and financial viability

The Care Inspectorate has issued guidance for its staff in respect of the notification requirements of providers, what to do when responding to notifications about financial viability and also identifying financial viability issues.

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SSSC Registrations of Daycare of Children - Practitioners

We are sending emails to providers of daycare of children services in the next few days.  The email will remind providers that the date of required registration with SSSC for practitioners was 30 September 2011.

The email will contain links to the SSSC website and guidance on how to apply.

Employers will be committing an offence if, after the date of required registration, they employ or continue to employ,  a worker in a service that who is not registered with the SSSC or another relevant regulatory body e.g. the General Teaching Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Care service providers are advised to ensure their practitioner level staff are registered with SSSC.  The Care Inspectorate will be checking registration levels within services and will take action where providers are not empolying staff registered as requried.

More information on registration of workers and how to apply can be found at

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PVG scheme update - Role of CRBS (New announcement November 2011)

Registration and changes to relevant individuals.

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MHRA Alert - November 2011

Further to a previous drug alert last week regarding a mislabelled pre-filled syringe, Aurum Pharmaceuticals Limited (trading as Martindale Pharma) has identified a second similar error within a batch of a different product.

Since similar findings cannot be ruled out for other batches of Aurum pre-filled syringe products, including Naloxone, recipients are asked to inspect their stocks of these products packed in yellow plastic printed boxes as a precautionary measure.

For more information see

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Rehabilitation Consultant Newsletter - November 2011

The Rehabilitation Consultant newsletter provides an update on some of the improvement work that has been taking place nationally in relation to rehabilitation and improving quality of life in care services for older people.

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