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Information on using care services

We regulate all care services in Scotland using the Health and Social Care Standards.  The new standards are relevant across all health and social care provision.  They are no longer just focused on regulated care settings but for use in health and social care, as well as in early learning and childcare, children’s services, social work and community justice.

While a service is operating we evaluate each service against up to four of the most important aspects of care.

These are:  

  • Quality of care and support
  • Quality of the environment
  • Quality of staffing  
  • Quality of management and leadership

Because we evaluate separate aspects of care, a care service could have as many as four grades.  These are given based on what we find at each inspection.

The grading scale is:

1 = Unsatisfactory, 2 = Weak, 3 = Adequate, 4 = Good, 5 = Very Good, 6 = Excellent

You can download our inspection reports from our care services list or contact us

We work closely with everyone who provides a care service, as well as professional organisations, local authority and other government agencies to achieve improved care for everyone in Scotland.

To find out more about how we inspect care services, read our leaflet 'How we inspect'

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