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Latest inspections reports

The following table is a list of Excellent inspection reports that we have published within the last 4 weeks.

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Service NameTown/CityService TypeDate of inspectionDate publishedDownload
Insch School NurseryInschDay Care of Children31 October 201820 November 2018299742
Phoenix Futures Care HomeGlasgowCare Home Service20 September 201820 November 2018299741
Waterstone CottageBroxburnCare Home Service25 September 201820 November 2018299737
Little DykeLockerbieCare Home Service25 October 201820 November 2018299733
Ideal Kidz KlubFraserburghDay Care of Children29 August 201816 November 2018299683
Tannadice Pre School ClassForfarDay Care of Children23 October 201815 November 2018299664
Hospice at HomeDennySupport Service19 July 201815 November 2018299662
WheatlandsBonnybridgeCare Home Service20 September 201814 November 2018299636
St. Ninian's Primary School Nursery - LivingstonLivingstonDay Care of Children31 October 201813 November 2018299598
Linda's Day CareGlasgowChild Minding05 July 201812 November 2018299559
Watten Pre-school PlaygroupWickDay Care of Children02 October 201812 November 2018299557
Jigsaw Family Learning CentreGlasgowDay Care of Children20 September 201809 November 2018299533
17 Westerton CrescentAberdeenHousing Support Service23 October 201809 November 2018299525
White Top CentreDundeeCare Home Service16 October 201808 November 2018299517
Methven Primary School NurseryMethvenDay Care of Children24 October 201808 November 2018299516
Quarriers Ventilation ServiceGlasgowSupport Service03 October 201806 November 2018299477
The Early Years Centre @ CraigroystonEdinburghDay Care of Children29 August 201806 November 2018299476
Wendy Holt - The Wendy HouseMenstrieChild Minding28 September 201806 November 2018299452
31 Two Mile CrossAberdeenCare Home Service01 August 201806 November 2018299451
Riverside HouseNewmilnsSchool Care Accommodation Service10 October 201805 November 2018299443

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  1. To provide a care service to a maximum of 8 adults with physical and sensory impairments.
  2. To provide a care service to a maximum of 8 adults with physical and sensory impairments.
  3. The care service will not provide nursing care.
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