Help shape our new corporate plan

Have you heard we’re changing? We would love to hear your ideas on shaping the future priorities of the Care Inspectorate. There is a lot of change taking place across early learning and childcare, integrated health and social care, social work, social services and in community justice, and so, we are changing the way we do things too.

Our new corporate plan (2018-2022) will set out our strategic aims over the next few years and we would like to collaborate with you and involve you in shaping and informing how this is developed.

CI Corporate Plan

In developing a corporate plan, many organisations seek the views of the people they work with and support, and we are keen to engage with you and to hear your views about our work and how, in the future, this can better support you or those that you care for.

Through this collaboration, your views and feedback will help us to develop our corporate plan, which we will then publish in draft form, to ensure we have listened to and taken on board your ideas and suggestions. At this point, we will also consult more formally with our partners and the many organisations that we work with as part of our scrutiny and improvement activities. As we develop our new corporate plan, your ideas and advice will help shape our commitment and contribution to improving experiences and outcomes for people across Scotland.

Your views will really make a difference, so please take a few minutes to complete this short survey and to forward it on to anyone you know who would be interested in participating.

Finally, here’s a handy guide about our activities ‘How the Care Inspectorate Helps Improve Care in Scotland 2017’.

Karen Reid
Chief Executive
Care Inspectorate