Care of Older People in Scotland Conference 2017

Date of the event: 21-11-2017

21 November 2017; Edinburgh

This conference on care of older people in Scotland reflects on how the challenge of delivering excellent care can be met in the context of a growing older population, rising expectations of quality care and pressures created by increased resource demand.

This year’s conference is being run in association with Age Scotland and will ask how we can ensure consistency and equality in the delivery of care across Scotland. It will discuss the longer term preventative approach to older peoples’ health, in parallel with delivering immediate care needs, to ensure that meeting future health and care demands does not become an impossible task.

The agenda will examine promotion of innovation, adopting and sharing best practice and understanding the new care challenges presented by advances in digital innovation, medical capability and legal rights.

The three session themes for the day ask what we should be aiming for in care of older people, what best practice is in the delivery of care and what tomorrow’s care opportunities are.

Gordon Paterson, Chief Inspector (Adult Services) and Edith Macintosh, Head of Improvement Support, from the Care Inspectorate will be speaking at this event.

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