Childcare Statistics 2011

Published: 09 November 2012

Care Inspectorate publishes ‘Childcare Statistics 2011'

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Childcare Statistics 2010: Results from feedback survey

Published: 07 November 2012

A survey of users of the childcare statistics produced by the Care Inspectorate in 2011 was carried out in April 2012. 

Respondents were invited to express their satisfaction or otherwise with the presentation, timing and content of Childcare Statistics 2010.

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Childcare Statistics 2011

Published: 01 December 2011

This is the second report to be published in this series of statistics. 

2011 Statistics - Excel Spreadsheet

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Childcare Statistics 2010

Published: 31 October 2011

Publications code: P&KM-1011-001

Statistics on the provision and use of day care of children and childminding services registered with the Care Inspectorate as at 31 December 2010.

Statistics 2010 - excel tables

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