Survey for people who use care homes for adults and older people

We want people to be able to meaningfully engage with our inspections in care homes for adults and older people, in the way that suits them best.

We have developed a care survey for people who use care services. We have also developed surveys for relatives, carers and staff and other professionals who help to support people in your service.

These will replace the old care standards questionnaires and link to our quality frameworks for care services.

Throughout the year, we will send an email to service managers with survey links, and we ask these links are distributed to key people using and supporting the service. These surveys will be specific to your service – please do not share them in relation to any other service. 

We appreciate some people, especially those experiencing care, will need support to provide their feedback and we appreciate any support you can provide to enable them to participate.   

We will also send you a batch of paper care surveys for people who experience care and a set of sentiment / response cards. We would appreciate your help to distribute these to people within your service

We have also produced sets of sentiment and response cards to support people to complete the survey. The images on the sentiment cards mirror the first section and the response cards help people to be clearer in their answers to the questions in the survey.

Further information about our care surveys and copies of the survey, sentiment and response cards are available within the professional section.