Following a period of consultation, we have finalised and published our Corporate Plan 2022-25.

Our Corporate Plan sets out our vision, the outcomes we want to achieve and our priorities for the next three years. It is informed by all we learned during the pandemic, and by the scrutiny, assurance, quality improvement work and partnership working we have done over the last three years.  We carried out extensive consultation with our staff, our volunteers, providers, partnerships and people who experience care, to shape a Plan that puts people at the heart of all we do with key priorities that are ambitious but achievable.   

We have based our Plan on the current policy context, but we have also built into it the ability to flex and adjust, being mindful that change is likely coming to the health, social care, social work, and early learning and childcare landscape in Scotland.  A new National Care Service, education reform and other developments may affect the work we do and how we do it, but our Plan will enable us to achieve our strategic outcomes successfully within the context of these changes. 

Our vision is for world-class social care and social work in Scotland, where everyone, in every community, experiences high-quality care, support and learning, tailored to their rights, needs and wishes. We aim to achieve that by working towards four strategic outcomes: high-quality care for all; improving outcomes for all; everyone’s rights are realised and respected; and our people are skilled, confident and well supported.  

Find out more by reading our Corporate Plan 2022-25.