Staff at SAMH are continuing to support people’s mental health. 

John, a link worker from Aberdeen, makes time to call vulnerable local people to check on their wellbeing. John said: “In just a few short weeks, I have helped people to negotiate time off with their employer, sourced hearing aids for a woman who is hard of hearing and helped to rearrange non-essential health appointments. It feels good to know that I’ve been able to help these people during this difficult time.”


Noeleen, a support worker from Bearsden is registered blind. She’s been using her dressmaking skills to make facemasks for the people they support, as well as local staff.

Noeleen explains: “It all started when I was chatting to one of the people I support on the phone. He mentioned he didn’t know how to get a facemask, so I offered to make one. I’ve kept lots of material from my old projects over the years so I already had all I needed. He said it was magic. Then another lady said she was feeling quite anxious about going outside, so I made her a mask too. She says she feels much better now when she’s out and about which is great to hear. Although I can’t see very clearly, I can feel and use my knowledge to keep me right. I always find a way - I was so determined to make these masks that I spent an hour trying to thread my sewing machine needle! Right now, I can make around 12 in a day. And I’ve just bought a tool to help me thread the needles so there will be no stopping me now! It feels great to be able to help people.”

Anne from SAMH’s Denny team has been leading the way to make sure residents keep up with their activities, such as baking and quizzes and exercises in the garden following social distancing and infection control guidelines.

Anne said: “A well as this, I’ve been working locally in my own time to shop for some of my elderly neighbours and helping disabled people who are feeling isolated at the moment. I started a noughts and crosses game with a young postman – which he says has helped him feel more connected to the outside world.”