The Care Inspectorate will be undertaking a new test of change, during September/ October 2015, to trial the feasibility of the organisation being able to handle complaint investigations and also follow-up inspection activity, and report on these as an inspection report.

This test of change will involve the investigation of eight complaints where the service (Older People's) has either outstanding requirements, recommendations or areas for improvement arising from either a complaint investigation or an inspection of the care service. This will be reported on as a Follow Up Inspection.

The Care Inspectorate is aiming to complete the pilot by the end of October 2015. Following a review of this approach, consideration will be given to extending this test of change. Four complaint inspectors, who are experienced in the complaint process and have a specialist background in Older People's services, and two administrative staff, will be supporting the pilot.

This test of change will allow the Care Inspectorate to bring together the inspection and complaint process and test how or if we can move to both counting towards the scrutiny undertaken in services. If successful, this will support a more proportionate scrutiny approach which will allow a more coherent regulatory approach to specific areas. For further details please contact Maureen Gunn, Team Manager.