A children’s nursery in Paisley has been served with a formal improvement notice by Scotland’s social care regulator, the Care Inspectorate.

The notice, served on Angels Day Nursery, warns that unless significant progress is made in addressing concerns raised by inspectors, the service could face having its registration
cancelled. It follows a recent inspection which identified serious concerns.

A spokesperson for the Care Inspectorate said:

'Our inspection identified serious concerns, including the need for the right number of qualified and competent staff to be in the nursery.

'The nursery must put in place a robust system for making sure its quality improves.

'We require that care plans for children are accurate, kept up to date, and ensure the health, welfare and safety of all those at the nursery.

'We will be monitoring this nursery closely and will be inspecting again soon.

'If we do not see evidence of significant improvement we will not hesitate to take further action.

'Everyone in Scotland has the right to safe, compassionate, good quality care which meets their needs and respects their rights.

'Anyone with a concern about a care service can contact our helpline on 0345 600 9527.'