A joint inspection of adult support and protection measures in the Western Isles has found important areas of weakness that could adversely affect experiences and outcomes for adults at risk of harm. Substantial areas for improvement were also identified.  

Inspectors found that the multi-agency procedures for adult support and protection did not cover all aspects of adult support and protection or fully detail the statutory duties and responsibilities of each agency.

The report found that the delivery of key processes was ineffective. Investigation, risk assessment and risk management require significant improvement to effectively support and protect adults at risk of harm.  

It also reported that adults at risk of harm were ineffectively involved and engaged in operational and strategic adult support and protection.  

There was a lack of multi-agency reporting and governance by the adult protection committee and chief officers’ group, the inspection found. Improvement in this area of practice would support more effective delivery of adult support and protection.

Inspectors also noted some key strengths. In January 2022 NHS Western Isles reconfigured their public protection service. This made a positive strategic contribution to adult support and protection.  

Also, following the appointment of a new independent convener in November 2021 the adult protection committee established subgroups to support improvement and development.  

Jackie Irvine, Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate, said: “Overall, there were many key areas for improvement identified across key processes and strategic leadership.  These areas for improvement critically impacted on the experiences and outcomes for adults at risk of harm and require to be urgently addressed.

“The Western Isles adult protection partnership will prepare an improvement plan. This will set out how it plans to deliver the required improvements to adult support and protection. The Care Inspectorate and our scrutiny partners will monitor progress.”

The full report can be read here.

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