Kids at Step by Step nursery in Cumbernauld showed off their yoga moves at the official launch of ‘My Active World,’ as they celebrated active play with the Care Inspectorate.

‘My Active World’, published by the Care Inspectorate, is a resource that helps early learning and childcare services to promote physical activity every day in early years care settings. It highlights the importance of staying active, even at the earliest stages in life.

The resource aims to help everyone, regardless of age or ability, find opportunities to get active in their own way. A copy has been sent to all early learning and childcare services in Scotland.

Today Care Inspectorate Chief Executive Jackie Irvine joined some youngster yogis in a salute to the joy of physical activity.


Meanwhile other nursery goers got ruddy and muddy taking advantage of the hammocks, kitchens and climbing areas in the great outdoors!

Jackie Irvine said : “We worked with care services, children, young people, parents and guardians across Scotland to produce this fantastic resource which supports inclusion for all children and young people.

“My Active World provides examples of a wide range of cost-effective and accessible activities, but also highlights the importance of talking to kids about the challenges they may face in getting active and involving them in decisions about how to overcome them.

“We also want to hear back from services using the resource with new ideas and examples that everyone can learn from and apply – let's grow and learn together!”

Manager of Step by Step Private Nursery, Claire Irvine said: “Yoga helps the children manage anxiety, boost self-esteem, supports self-regulation and increases body awareness and mindfulness.

"It's wonderful to see the children learn the poses, they show them to their parents at home and that gets families involved in the nursery."

And the yoga was a big hit with the youngsters.

Lyra, 3, said: "I like doing yoga because I can reach for the stars." Fellow-yogi, Callie, 4 added: "‘I like yoga because I like doing the bending."

Jackie Irvine added: "An active lifestyle has proven benefits, improving not only physical but also mental health and wellbeing. Getting into good habits at a young age can set the next generation up for better long-term prospects, while also building social and problem-solving skills in the short term – not to mention confidence."

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Notes to editors

My Active World sets out simple, cost-effective ways services – and parents – can get their children moving more, everything from a ‘Dough Disco’ to exploring the great outdoors. It aims to show youngsters that being active is fun, and to pave the way for a fit and happy future.

Photo credit: John Young.