We have introduced a new Open Badge award for safe and effective staffing. Picture1

An Open Badge is a digital certificate which recognises learning and achievement. This is awarded to people who read, understand and apply the learning from the materials and resources on The Hub’s Safe Staffing Programme area.

The badge was developed in direct response to social care sector interest and can be accessed on the SSSC Open Badge website.

There are four hours of learning with four different outcomes:

  • knowledge of the Health and Care (Staffing)(Scotland) Act 2019 and the guiding principles and duties.
  • knowledge and understanding of the Care Inspectorate’s Safe staffing programme. 
  • knowledge on how the legislation applies to your care setting. 
  • knowledge at an informed level of the fundamentals of health and care staffing, workload and workforce planning, managing and using workload and workforce data and quality assurance and governance.

Once complete, you can submit evidence of your learning and applications that have met the criteria will be awarded the badge.

For more information about the badge or about our safe staffing programme visit The Hub or email the programme team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.