The changes to IPC guidance throughout September bring care services ever closer to business-as-usual for service delivery.

We recognise that there may be anxiety around implementing some of the changes. With continued application of Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs) and, where needed, Transmission Based Precautions (TBP) when caring for individuals who have suspected or known infection the risks can be managed and reduced.

The Care Inspectorate support the implementation of updated IPC guidance and will take this into account when visiting services.

The following is a summary of guidance changes and links to further information.


All social care settings must follow the updated SG testing guidance for social care. The guidance pauses asymptomatic testing of social care staff, visitors, and unpaid carers.

Visitors do not need to undertake symptomatic testing but should follow Covid Sense guidance and should not visit if unwell  

Contact tracing is no longer being used in Scotland in response to Covid-19. Contact details do not require to be collected from visitors.

Local Health Protection teams will continue to advise what testing should happen in the event of an outbreak.

Further information can be found at:

Coronavirus (Covid-19): use of face coverings in social care settings including adult care homes

All social care settings must follow the updated SG guidance on the use of face masks/coverings in social care. The guidance highlights that the wearing of FRSM/face coverings in social care settings is no longer required legally.

Although the routine wearing of FRSM/face covering has been removed there may be situations where it is appropriate to revert to wearing one. For example;

  • where staff think that they or the supported individual may be at risk of being exposed to Covid-19. For example, where there is poor ventilation, crowding or risk of splash, they should wear a FRSM and when other PPE is needed, in line with SICPs
  • if any contact with a confirmed or suspected case of infectious respiratory viruses is anticipated, PPE for droplet transmission.
  • when this is an individual choice.

The PPE requirements for SIPCs and TBPs have not changed and remain as before.

Further Information can be found at: