We'd like you to meet our new involvement adviser Julie, who has written a blog for Care Experienced Week about being interviewed by our young inspection volunteers. 

"Hello, I’m Julie Brown and on 28 October 2021 I joined the Care Inspectorate as the involvement adviser for children and young people. I’m based in Edinburgh where I live with my partner Ross and daughter Cara.  In my spare time I enjoy walking in woods and swimming in reservoirs and lochs, usually with my best friend - Archie the border terrier. I sing and play guitar (badly) and my favourite time of year is Halloween! 

"I’ve loved co-creating projects that support others to get connected and find their voice. Most of all I love supporting young people. I’ve been working in community education for the last 20 years, doing everything from building edible gardens, to recycled fashion shows, music groups, and all sorts of community-based learning and development. My introduction to the Care Inspectorate was instantly very connecting and inspiring. 

"I was interviewed by two young inspection volunteers. It was fantastic to see meaningful participation and I could immediately sense that these young people were very much equal partners in the process of my selection. They made me feel at ease and they also challenged me with considered questions. I learned just how important and formative their experiences of volunteering had been and could instantly see how vital their skills are.  

"I can’t wait to meet all the team and young people involved in the young inspector programme and the work of the wider organisation. I’m looking forward to contributing to the work and challenges set by The Promise, and Archie is very excited to be part of things too!"

Here is what one of our young inspection volunteers said about being involved in the interview process: "It's important to involve the young inspection volunteers because we will be working closely with the person who will be hired for the job. Also, it's great to get most departments involved in the interview process as we want to make sure we have the same standards and values throughout the company. I really enjoyed taking part in the interviews and seeing how the different processes work."