The Safe Staffing Project is working in collaboration with care service providers, care homes for older people and other stakeholders in health and social care partnership areas, to support the sector to be ready for the enactment of the Health and Care Staffing Scotland Act 2019.  

The project team is delivering a series of quality improvement (QI) collaborative events, which develops the knowledge and confidence of participants in the guiding principle and duties of the legislation. 

To enable participants to gain recognition of this informal learning opportunity, the project team, in partnership with the SSSC, has developed an Open Badge.  

An Open Badge is a digital certificate which recognises learning and achievement.  

This will enable event participants to evidence that they have met the five learning outcomes from our collaborative events.  

These outcomes are:   

  • Have knowledge of the Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019 and the guiding principles and duties.   
  • Map out the relevant policies and procedures relating to safe staffing care settings.  
  • Have knowledge on how the legislation applies to your care setting.  
  • Have knowledge and understanding of how quality improvement and service development will shape safe staffing.     
  • Have knowledge of the local context and professional quality measures of workforce planning in your area.  

To earn the Open Badge, participants will be required to attend three online learning sessions and, within three weeks of attending the last session, provide a statement (minimum 50 words), which shows: 

  • what they learnt and how they have applied the learning in practice,  
  • if there was any impact of making these changes and how did they know?  

The Open Badge is now available and information about how to apply for one will be sent directly to participants who attend the learning sessions.  

For more information about the Safe Staffing Project or the new Open Badge, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or access The HUB for more information.