Registration and changes to relevant individuals.

Further to discussions with Disclosure Scotland the following update is now available.

Disclosure Scotland have confirmed that CRBS can process PVG checks for charity trustees* where these individuals are new in post.

Therefore where we are registering a service or processing changes to relevant individuals and they are new in post, we can remind people that CRBS provide this service free for organisations registered with them. The individuals can then share their scheme records with the Care Inspectorate.

However where people are already in post, but they are applying to be a provider of a new care service, CRBS are not funded to process PVG applications required for registration purposes.  As such where existing post holders (directors, committee members etc.,)  apply the Care Inspectorate will have to process these applications and the applicant/provider will be required to pay.

Similarly, if an existing scheme member applies for registration/relevant individual, and they wish to share their scheme record with us, we will continue to accept this. Where this scheme record is more than 3 months old, an update will be required which the Care Inspectorate will process and the applicant/provider will fund.

PVG scheme membership for staff already in post is expected to commence from March 2012 at this point we will review these arrangements with Disclosure Scotland and CRBS.

* Charity trustees are all committee members of organisations which are registered charities (with OSCR) and provide services for children or protected adults.