The Care Inspectorate hosted our Open with Care (OWC) webinars in August 2021 which was attended by providers, managers and inspectors. 

69 participants took part in two webinars and provided participants with key information on the ongoing implementation of Scottish Government Open with Care guidance.  The webinars included:

  • key information that has changed within the OWC guidance.
  • what very good and weak would look like from a scrutiny and assurance perspective
  • one manager's approach to implementing the OWC guidance as we moved through the pandemic situation.

Some participants told us which aspect of the webinar participants they found most useful to them in their work.  Comments included:     

  • nice to hear from a fellow care home manager and their experience
  • very interesting re manager of the care home, work and view and examples of good practice,
  • discussions around risk, decision making and human rights.
  • having a real worked experience of overcoming the many obstacles we have/are facing.

You can watch a copy of the webinar below.  Although this is relevant to staff working within care homes for older people, the principles can also be applied to sheltered housing and other housing support / care at home services who operate from a building base.