A report into how well community payback orders are implemented and managed in Aberdeen has been published by the Care Inspectorate.

Inspectors looked at how justice social work services in the area were delivering services for individuals who are, or have been, subject to community payback orders.

Inspectors found the support provided by justice staff in Aberdeen is having a transformative impact on individuals subject to community payback orders (CPOs).

In their report, inspectors said: “Individuals experience compassionate, consistent, focused and flexible support that frequently exceeds their expectations and is enabling positive change.

“The service is delivering highly person-centred interventions. Staff work proactively to identify and remove barriers to engagement and provide a wide range of practical assistance.

“The clear focus on supporting individuals to address offending behaviour is an important strength. The service is investing in a full range of structured interventions and delivery is tailored to individual needs and risks.

“Leaders demonstrate a strong vision for transformational change that is supported by well-developed plans and ambitious targets. Core principles of early intervention and prevention permeate planning and delivery at all levels of the service.”

Peter Macleod, chief executive of the Care Inspectorate said: “Effective community-based sentencing options are essential to the successful implementation of the Scottish Government’s community justice strategy and the extension of the presumption against short sentences.

“In this context, the Care Inspectorate has focused inspections of justice social work services on how well community payback orders are implemented and managed, as well as how effectively services are achieving positive outcomes.

“During this inspection we found a strong commitment to continuous improvement is underpinned by an embedded improvement methodology.

“This is contributing to improved performance in the delivery of CPOs.

“In Aberdeen performance trends across almost all CPO measures are improving and individuals are being supported to achieve positive outcomes. Planned work to embed performance management measures offers potential to better demonstrate the difference the service is making to the lives of those on CPOs.

“There is a need to strengthen compliance in meeting expected timescales for assessments and plans. Work is also required to increase staff confidence in the use of accredited assessment tools, including assessment and analysis of risk of serious harm.”

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You can read the full report here: https://bit.ly/3s44CGL