We have added two new features to our online registration portal which are now available to use.

These are:

  • request advice before applying to register a service
  • copy a previously submitted application.

Request advice

We recommend that you seek advice before you submit your application to register a care service, particularly if you are planning to register a premises-based or outdoor setting service.  This may include reviewing plans for buildings, upgrading and refurbishments, or general advice.

To submit a request for advice you should create an account to allow you to log in to the online portal, or log in using your existing details where you already have them. 

Read our guidance here.

Copy an application

If you have previously submitted an application to register a care service since January 2020, using our online application form, we now have a feature which will allow you to copy an application.  This means that if you wish to submit further applications, you do not have to enter all the required information into the form again, you simply update the relevant pages with new details. This will reduce duplication of requests for the same information (as long as there are no changes).

To begin this process, login to the online portal and select ‘Register a care service and manage my applications’.

Read our guidance here.

Further information about how to register a care service can be found here.