The Care Inspectorate has laid before the Scottish Parliament a report of inspections it has carried out in care services in the past two weeks.

This report covers inspections completed since the previous report submitted to Parliament on 8 July.

In order to robustly assess the arrangements put in place by care services to respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Care Inspectorate inspections place a particular focus on infection prevention and control, personal protective equipment and staffing in care settings.  

This enables inspectors to focus on these areas while also considering the overall quality of care and impact on people’s wellbeing.  

The Parliamentary report is in addition to the normal process of publishing full inspection reports.  

For each care service inspected, inspection reports will be published by the Care Inspectorate in due course.

To meet the timescales imposed by legislation, the report to Parliament outlines high-level findings following oral feedback to care providers.

In due course and following normal publication protocols, the Care Inspectorate will publish more detailed individual reports on each inspection.

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The report is available here: