Gill Roxburgh, from The View, Inverclyde, told us that their young people are thriving,and relationships are stronger than ever. 

When speaking with Inspector Andrew, Gill said: “We have been extremely busy creating new positive memories to outweigh the negative ones.  So far, we are already seeing a massive difference in our young people’s confidence and the ways in which they are presenting themselves. Their relationships are even stronger than before, and we aim to build on this greatly. 

They’ve been busy bees indeed.  Over the last few weeks they have had obstacle courses, glamping, watching the meteors, art and crafts, outdoor cinema, disco dome, football comps, photoshoots, make up nights, FIFA competitions, races, lots of birthday parties (three birthdays in April) redecorating bedrooms, pool tournaments, bake offs, card games, board games, quiz nights and wrestling matches 

Last weekend they also had a festival weekend which was a roaring success.  Gill explained: “It was the Who cares? Scotland camp replacement. We made tie dye t shirts, had a Disney quiz, made pizzas, had many water fights and slip and slide contests along with a massive FIFA tournament on the projector.  We just need to put the dining room back together now!” 

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased slightly, they have set up an open-sided gazebo in the garden so that socially distanced family visits can happen safely.  Gill reports they are going well so far.  

Gill added: “We are in the process of putting together a lockdown photobook as a memento so the children can have a record of everything they have been up to.  We’ve been lucky. We are all fit and healthy and our families are the same. I think the challenge will be getting back to some kind of normality once this is all over and introducing different stressors back into our young people’s lives.