Marion Moore, from Hector House in Shawlands, Glasgow celebrated her 80th birthday in style last week, as the local community chipped in to make it a day to remember.

Staff posted a message on Facebook asking people in the community to help make it a special day. The post got over 1000 shares with lots of people coming forward to offer their time, crafts and provide cakes.

On the day, the garden was decorated with banners made by nursery children, and lots of balloons and streamers. People sent in cakes. There were even musical performances too!

The celebrations went on all day with various well-wishers and musicians dropping by to entertain Marion and the other residents.

Manager, Angela Todd said: “Even for all the residents, not just Marion, it cheered them right up to see the celebrations”.

“Marion has been so overwhelmed. She doesn't have a lot of family and usually gets a few cards so to have all this is unbelievable."