We heard a couple of great stories from Lauren at Torridon Education Group about how they’re staying connected with their children during the lockdown.

Lauren said: “We found a fantastic story by Sophie’s Story called “The Stay at Home Super Heroes.” We thought this would help children understand why the world is changing and why they need to stay at home!”

The group has a Therapet dog called Alba who visits the nurseries each week and the children just love her. They read to her, help care for her and she has helped some children conquer their fear of dogs.

Laura went on: “Because the children love Alba, we thought who better to tell them the story?”

Listen to Alba telling the story

Lots of their parents had also told staff that the children were feeling sad about not seeing their teachers. As well as sharing activities and resources online to keep their children’s little minds amused and active, they are phoning their parents weekly to just check in and see how everyone’s doing.

Watch the video they made for their families, also starring Alba, which the children have absolutely loved.