It is estimated that around 2,150 practitioners still need to register before compulsory registration comes into force on 30 September 2011 at the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

All day care of children services (eg nurseries and out of school care) have been notified so that staff at practitioner level (eg nursery nurses) complete their registration application on time. It’s important for parents and carers and employers to know what compulsory registration means for their workers and people who use their services.

The quickest way to see if a practitioner is registered is to search the SSSC register at, ask the staff member if they are registered or ask to see their registration certificates. Required registration means that the staff working within day care of children services are of good character, hold relevant qualifications and continue to develop the skills to work with our children and young people.

Some workers may be registered with other bodies like the General Teaching Council for Scotland but those that are not must register with the SSSC. Applications must be received as soon as possible and those not registering with the SSSC must notify the SSSC of their circumstances.

Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive of the SSSC states:

"Many practitioners in day care of children services have already registered which shows their commitment to their profession and to raising standards of practice in the day care of children workforce. There is a small minority who have not and it is vital that they contact us as soon as possible. Employers need to be sure that staff have their applications in now or are already registered and parents and carers can also help by asking the service if staff are registered as for those services employing workers who are not registered after 30 September 2011will be committing an offence."

For more information on registration and employers’ responsibilities visit the SSSC website: