We have published the new quality framework for mainstream boarding schools and school hostels. 

Since 1 April last year, we have been rolling out a revised methodology for inspecting care and support services.  The changes build on approaches we have introduced in the past three years: an emphasis on experiences and outcomes; proportionate approaches in services that perform well; shorter inspection reports; and a focus on supporting improvement in quality.

The revised methodology and quality framework reflect Scotland’s Health and Social Care Standards, which are rights-based, person-led and outcome-focused. The standards are relevant for care delivery, planning, commissioning, and assessment.

The new quality framework will help us answer key questions about the difference that care is making to people and the quality and effectiveness of the elements that contribute to those differences. The framework supports services to evaluate their own performance. It will also be used by our inspectors to provide independent assurance about the quality of care and support. By setting out what we expect to see in high-quality care and support provision, we can also help support improvement. Using the framework in this way will help us develop a shared understanding of what constitutes good care and support. It also supports openness and transparency in the inspection process.

You can download the framework from here.