From the 29 October 2012, people who carry out regulated work will be eligble to apply for PVG scheme membership. This is known as retrospective checking. 

Due to the volume of applications the process for people applying is being carefully managed by Disclosure Scotland.  

It has been agreed that we will process all Childminders and their assistants applications from April 2013.

This statement details how we will manage this process.

Childminders and Childminder Assistants

Since February 2011, we have processed potential childminders (and their assistants) PVG application forms, both as part of our registration process or where an existing childminder has requested the addition of a new assistant. 

A childminder’s assistant is named on the certificate of registration. 

Existing childminders and their assistants were not allowed to apply for PVG membership until Disclosure Scotland opened membership of the PVG Scheme to people already working with children or protected adults in all care services. This is called ‘retrospective checking’.  Disclosure Scotland will start ‘retrospective checking’ at the end of October 2012. 

It is an offence for childminders and their assistants to work with children when they are barred from doing regulated work with children.  We have a responsibility to make sure that ALL childminders and their assistants, over a period of time, gain PVG scheme membership.  

Childminders do not need to apply for their own, or their assistants membership.  We will arrange all existing childminders and their assistants PVG applications.  If you are already a scheme member, (because of voluntary work or other work which qualifies for PVG Scheme membership), we will discuss this with you and seek a new scheme record or an update. 

Starting from April 2013, we will begin processing these applications for existing childminders and their assistants.  

We will prioritise childminders who have been offering the service the longest first. 

  • Phase 1 – Childminders registered between 2002 - 2005
  • Phase 2 – Childminders registered between 2005 - 2008
  • Phase 3 – Childminders registered between 2008 - 2011

During March/April 2013 we will write to childminders directly with a copy of the application form and additional copies for any assistants. 

Childminders and their assistants will be required to pay for their own PVG membership, this currently costs £59. We will ask you to make this payment when we send you the PVG forms to complete. 

We will introduce a system of ID checking similar to that available for passport applications where you can ask someone you know to sign to verify your identify.  We will return applications in the post.  It will not therefore be necessary for childminders or their assistants to visit a Care Inspectorate office to verify their identity.

If you need further information please contact our enquiries line on 0345 6009527 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Providers and managers of care services 

We are currently looking at how we make sure that existing providers and managers of registered care services become PVG members. More information will be made available to Care Inspectorate staff and providers about these arrangements in 2013.