Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) is hosting the first ever Childminding Week to bring childminders together and raise the profile of the fantastic work they do with children across Scotland.

This is an exciting time for the Early Learning and Childcare workforce - including childminding - and SCMA is hoping that 2017 will be another successful year. SCMA is working hard to improve the recognition of childminders nationwide and within the Early Learning and Childcare workforce.

Chief Executive of SCMA, Maggie Simpson, said: “We’re really excited about our new Childminding Week event, and we want all childminders and our colleagues to get involved and help us make lots of noise.

“Childminding Week is all about bringing our members together to raise the profile of childminders and ensuring they get the recognition they deserve. Childminders play a vital role within the Early Learning and Childcare workforce, providing quality care for more than 30,000 children in Scotland.”

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