Improving care through food – get your catering certified by the Soil Association

Good food is vitally important to people in care. It can enrich their experience of care as well as supporting their health and wellbeing.  The Soil Association’s Catering Mark lets your residents, staff and relatives know that the food you serve is fresh, healthy, sustainable and nutritious. It’s a recognised mark of quality that gives an independent seal of approval to the hard work you do. 

Why choose the Catering Mark?

  • Improve your care
    Providing the very best, safest food sets you apart. 

  • Keep control of cost 
    Many caterers report that improving quality doesn’t necessarily increase costs. Making more food from scratch and buying from a catering mark supplier scheme, members can actually save money. 

  • Highlight the positive steps you are taking around food
    The Catering Mark is an independent endorsement of your food quality and a clear signal to your residents and their relatives about your commitment to serving them good food.

How to get involved

In the first instance get in touch with their Development Manager, Sarah Duley, who can support you through the initial stages of assessing the food on offer against the Catering Mark standards this will help you make any relevant changes before you submit your formal application.

Sarah can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0131 666 2474