The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has opened a number of new Twitter channels - a corporate channel and channels for medicines and devices safety information.

  • @MHRAgovuk is the corporate channel and lists the latest information and updates from the MHRA
  • @MHRAmedicines lists medicines information and safety alerts
  • @MHRAdevices lists devices information and safety alerts
  • @MHRApress lists press releases and statements from the MHRA Press Office
  • @MHRAherbals lists information on the safe use of herbal remedies

For more information on their Twitter channels take a look at the Stay Connected page.

Please note that the Press Office Twitter account name has been changed to @MHRApress and the Herbal Remedy Safety has been changed to @MHRAherbals.

Existing followers of these two channels will automatically be switched across to the new accounts.