The FSA have just published a leaflet "Preventing listeriosis in hospitals and nursing/care homes" as interim guidance until new comprehensive advice and guidance for hospitals and healthcare workers is completed during 2013.

 According to information provided by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) the consumption of chilled ready-to eat foods, in particular various types of sandwiches have been linked to 8 outbreaks of listeriosis in hospitals during a 12 year period resulting in 8 deaths.

Although the leaflet is aimed at hospitals and care homes the advice is relevant to all registered care services who may either handle such foods or have such foods brought in by parents, visitors or staff. 

Service providers must read the information and, if relevant to the service or staff, ensure that measures are in place to help prevent listeriosis.  

The leaflet can be used by everyone to help prevent listeriosis occurring in ourselves, our families, colleagues and those that we care for.