Compassionate Care: Getting it Right

This online course will explore the issue of compassionate care and includes the need to create a common, person-centred culture across organisations. This person-centredness is not limited to people being cared for, but extends to the way organisations treat staff and to the culture within the organisation itself.

Over five weeks, the course takes a case study approach by looking at compassionate care from the perspective of a positive experience. The components of this experience and what went well will become the focus of each week, with an exploration of the factors that led to good outcomes for the person.

By the end, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • the key components of effective compassionate care;
  • of the impact of care that is compassionate;
  • and how health and social care practitioners can implement these approaches to enhance compassionate care.


This course is primarily aimed at those working in health and social care at all levels, but particularly those who are responsible for direct hands on care. It is also open to lay people, to enable them to gain a better understanding of health and social care, or share their own experiences.

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